About the Owner

Chris was born and raised in Prince Georges County Maryland and lived there his entire life until he moved to South Carolina in the spring of 2005. Chris was always involved in art his whole life, whether it was painting or drawing, but following high school instead of pursuing art as a profession, he got a job doing something else he loved, working on and fixing up cars. He followed his heart and became a BMW and SAAB technician and worked in the automotive field for many years. During those years while working as a mechanic, he never let his real passion "Art" fall to the wayside. Being a lover of art he was always painting, drawing, and sculpting, but never considered doing it for a living. One day a friend of his who was a tattoo artist saw some of his art and approached him about it and told him to draw a sheet of art so he could show it to his boss. Once his boss saw it, he said he wanted him work for him as a apprentice, which he did until it was his time to shine. Working in Maryland in a very high volume shop, he honed his skills, got a lot of much needed experience and developed a very big clientele. Now working as a custom tattoo artist for over 14 years he no longer has to go to work every day because when you do something you truly love for a living, you never work a day in your life.

Call Karma Tattoo at 843-839-2117 to book some time with Chris. He loves creating custom art and bringing it to life on your skin. He is a very well rounded artist and it seems the more complex your ideas are, the nicer your tattoo will come out. With all these people out there tattooing just for the money, he prides himself at being a master at "Cover Up's and Fix Up's". He tattoos for his soul and it really shows in his art and tattoos he does. Be sure to check out his portfolio and see for yourself what you have been missing.

About Miguel

Miguel valentin a 16 year veteran tattooist specializes in custom designs whether color or black and grey. Butterflies to back pieces miguels versitility will help bring to life the clients vision into an original and everlasting work of art.

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